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Biohacker Boot Camp

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Monday, July 14; August 25; Tuesday, July 15; August 26; Wednesday, July 16; August 27; Thursday, July 17; August 28

Location: Genspace HQ

Four Evenings:

July Session:  July 14-17 (Mon-Thurs) 6-9PM Register for this class

August Session: Aug 25-28 (Mon-Thurs) Register for this class

adults $300  students $150

This is an intensive course that covers essentially the same material as the Biotech Crash Course, but in an accelerated format. You'll be in the lab at the bench for most of it, so wear comfortable shoes. We'll extract our own DNA, analyze ancestry through bioinformatics, splice genes into bacteria, and learn all the standard techniques such as using pipettors, gel electrophoresis, amplifying DNA with PCR reactions, working with restriction enzymes to build plasmids, and growing and transforming bacteria.

As an added bonus, we'll learn how to make DIY lab equipment such as incubators and centrifuges- this is not covered in the regular Biotech Crash Course.

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